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User agreement

The text of the present User agreement permanently located on the Internet under the following address:, contains all the essential terms of the Agreement of joining, and is a public offer, containing the terms on which Users use the Site, constantly available in the Internet under the following address: Acceptance of this offer is committed by any physical person of action authorization in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. Authorization on the website through the login and password of the User account in the STEAM community. However, the Website and STEAM are the different resources that are not subordinate to one another.

1. The terms used in the agreement


In this Agreement, unless the text expressly requires otherwise, the following terms have the following meanings:


Website - a set of information, texts, graphical elements, design, images, photo and video materials and other results of intellectual activities, as well as computer programs contained in the information system ensuring availability of such information in the Internet at network address The website is an online resource designed to provide entertainment and amusement services to individuals.


Agreement – this User Agreement is a Public offer, in General, without exceptions and reservations.


Administrator – the person in the commercial management of which the Site is located. The Site services are in the name of "OMNOMNOM".


User – a person who has entered into the agreement with the Administrator, by acceptance of this offer, located in the Internet at network address Employees of the Administrator and relatives of such employees are not entitled to accept this offer and conclude the Agreement.


Hand, the Administrator and the User are parties to the Agreement.


Service – actions of the Administrator for organization of the work Site and providing the User on a reimbursable and/or gratuitous basis of possibility of leisure activities in the form of participation in risk-free games and entertainment without the possibility of obtaining material gain using the services of the Site.


Point virtual slot unit Site that is used in the process of providing the Administrator /User receives services of the Site. Virtual game units, Bonuses, Points of the Website – used only within a Site and cannot be subject to any transactions and operations outside the Site. The User can purchase virtual game pieces – Scores, Bonuses – available only on the Website and according to the rules specified in the present Agreement


Skin virtual attribute (virtual inventory) multiplayer online games (software) Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/Dota 2. On the Website it is possible to use virtual attributes (virtual inventory network game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/Dota 2): • available in the User's Steam profile; • - purchased by the User on a reimbursable basis on the Site; • - provided by the Administrator to the User on a gratuitous basis according to the rules of the Site. • data provided by the Users at the reasonable request of the Site Administrator. Hereby established that the site Administrator has the right to request from the Users any information necessary for the Site Administrator to fulfill its obligations to provide the User access to the Website, and to perform any of his obligations to the User. Thus, Users are responsible for the timely and accurate provision of relevant information to the Site Administrator.


Bet - an electronic document generated using the services of the Site at the request of the User performed on the Site by means of special software commands. The specified electronic document Rate serves the purpose of registration/participation fixing User that made a particular Bet in a particular Round entertaining risk-free games on the Site. Rates are formed using (write-off) Points, Bonuses and Skins.


Round – the time period/part of risk-free games that make up the Site. Each round has a moment of beginning and the time of completion. During each round, the Users can make Bets and see the result of risk-free games in the current Round.


All other terms and definitions used in this Agreement shall be interpreted by the Parties in the context of the meaning of the terms specified in paragraph 1.1. of this Agreement, and in accordance with the established on the Internet normal rules of interpretation of relevant terms not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement.


The headings (of articles) of this Agreement are intended solely for convenience of reference the text of the Agreement and the literal legal significance.


In case of discrepancies/mismatches in the interpretation of terms and definitions in this Agreement and in the text of the rules and regulations posted on the Website (for example, in the F. A. Q. section of the Site) applies is a priority, the interpretation contained in the text of this Agreement (the Public offer).

2. The subject of the agreement.


The subject of this Agreement is the proposal of the Administrator, addressed to the prospective User, to using the Website services entertainment and amusement Services strictly on the terms of this Agreement.


The person accepting this offer becomes a User and undertakes to use the Website only under the terms of this Agreement.


The use of Services by persons lacking full legal capacity (as age and health status) in accordance with the rules and laws of the respective jurisdiction (country of residence of a physical person) is PROHIBITED.

3. The conclusion, amendment and termination of the agreement.


The administrator provides the User with access to information on the Site, information about Services of the Website, the text of this Agreement and other regulatory documents setting the rules and regulations of the receiving Services of the Site, before any User has logged on the Website. After authorization on the Website the User can receive the Services of the Website.


The present Agreement is considered concluded from the moment of authorization of the User on the Site through the introduction of a special form of login and password of the account in the STEAM community. The Website and STEAM is a different resources that are managed are not affiliated entities.


The administrator will be able to identify you within the STEAM community, to open the STEAM community information about the User. When that User logs into the Website using your STEAM account the Site sends a unique numeric ID, but not the private data specified by the User on the resources of STEAM.


Signing in on the Website, the user expresses the direct, complete, unequivocal and unconditional consent with the provisions of this Agreement.


Because when you sign in on the Website the User is not required to inform the Administrator of any personal data of the User during the existence of the relationship between the Parties of this Agreement and after termination of this Agreement, the Administrator is not liable to the customer any obligations on the protection of personal User data, except for the cases specified in clause 11.5 of this Agreement. Because the Site and STEAM is a different resources, not managed affiliates, and because the Site from the STEAM is not passed (not available) User personal data, perhaps the last specified when registering on STEAM, the Website is not responsible for how STEAM and other resources, working with STEAM, collect, store, process, modify, and destroy User data.


The administrator unilaterally entitled at any time to modify, cancel, amend any terms of this Agreement and other normative documents of the Site (rules posted on the Site and containing instructions on the rules and procedure for the provision of the Services) without prior consent of the User.


Updated the text of this Agreement becomes obligatory for all without an exception of authorized Users on the expiry of 12 (twelve) hours upon posting the amended/supplemented text of the Agreement under the following address: http://www.igrohouse/agreement.


The user is obliged to follow the changes in the text of the Agreement published under url: http://www.igrohouse/agreement. If at the unilateral discretion of the Administrator, the changes will require personal notice, the Administrator shall be entitled (but not obliged) to personally notify the Users, which may relate to changes/additions.


The User's use of the Site and its Services after placement under the following address: http://www.igrohouse/agreement changed the text of the present User Agreement means full and unconditional consent with all rules of the amended text of the Agreement.


If the User is authenticated on the Site via STEAM-account within twelve (12) consecutive months – this fact is the basis for one-sided extrajudicial termination of the Agreement by the Administrator.


Upon reaching the 12-month period (consecutive) the lack of logging on as Administrator, User will be sent an email notification about the termination of the Agreement.


If within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of notification, the User did not log in to the Website and did not resume use of the Services of the Website, this Agreement with a particular User is terminated.


In the event of termination of this Agreement, the entire balance of virtual game pieces – Scores, power-UPS and Skins available to the User when using the Services on the Website is cancelled at the time of termination of the Agreement without any compensation (paid and not consumed entertainment Services) to the User side. After the termination of this Agreement, the User shall not claim any demands addressed to the Administrator of the Site, including, but not limited to: no right to demand refund for paid but not consumed Service, etc..

4. The services of the site.


The services provided on the Site are entertainment (graphics/animations presented on the Site) and amusement (and a simulator). A conceptually related topic multiplayer network game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The Site services are used to meet personal emotional and psychological needs of Consumers and are based on the principle of the game. That is, using the provided services, the Consumer can experience emotional satisfaction from their participation in the simulator certain game situation without taking on the burden of possible negative consequences of the process (the process that the Services on the Website are presented only in the form of a simulator). The website services are the simulator (the simulator), allowing the psycho-emotional satisfaction without any risks for the User, in connection with which the Services relate to attraction.


The Site is built on the principle of a fully risk-free game that simulates a lottery. The website services are not services for the organization and conduct of gambling, not gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes, and are not other services, for which the User shall bear any material risks. That is, the Site Services are not processes in which a person enters into risk-based agreement on a prize. The Site services do not contain elements of gambling, do not contain the elements and characteristics of risk-based agreements of winning (based on risk game, risk the game):


The user pays for the Services of the Website permanently, that is, without the ability to get back fully or partly spent by a User on the Service money. User-contributed payment (if any) is fully and permanently written off at the expense of granting the User rights to obtain entertainment and amusement Service without the ability to convert back to virtual unit Site for money.


No outcome of the simulation game (attraction) on the Website can bring the User to material benefits and profits that it is possible to estimate the cash or other property equivalent.


The Site services do not contain the sign of gambling and risk. The user does not risk the monetary funds deposited as payment for the participation in the game. Cash deposited by the User are paying for the Services of the Site, and not a condition of participation in risk-based agreements of winning.


Any Services of the Site do not provide for the possibility of obtaining the material (property, money, contracts) benefits the User. Features of the Site may be used by the User to the receipt of any income, profits, winnings and other benefits of a material nature or be assessed with a monetary equivalent. Not allowed collusion between Users in order to use the Services of the Website as a mechanism for the organization of gambling. In case of detection/identification of such agreement, the Administrator shall take measures to lock the guilty Users the possibility to use the Services of the Website.


Virtual game units, Points, Bonuses and Skins – under any circumstances not be reverse-exchanged for cash. Paid (otherwise obtained) by the User of a virtual game units exchanged for cash and are non-refundable.

5. The order of use of the website.


In the provision of Services Site uses virtual units – Bonuses, Points and Skins. Virtual game unit/attributes are visual images generated by the software (Bonuses, Points) and/or software used at other resources on the Internet (Skins). All rights in the specified visual image (Bonuses, Points and Skins) belong to the owners of the respective software and is not passed/not transferable to the Users of the Site or in the right of ownership or another proprietary ownership and / or contractual right. Virtual slot units required to account for User rights on the amount of Service that the User is entitled to consume on the Website. Bonuses, Points and Skins, exist only within a particular (used and/or supported by the Website) of the software, and have no equivalent in the objective real world. Bonuses, Points and Skins – are not virtual and/or electronic cash and cannot be exchanged for money and/or other objects of rights. If this Agreement is terminated on the grounds stipulated by item 3.4. of this Agreement, the balance of Points, Bonuses and Skins on a virtual balance of the User will be cancelled without any compensation by the Administrator in the User side. While the User is in the named event shall be refused further use of previously paid and not consumed entertainment and amusement Services.


The Site services are by purchasing and expenditures (proposed Site rides) virtual game items/attributes. The Website services may be provided on a reimbursable (cash) and non-monetary basis, depending on the way the user receives a virtual game pieces and attributes.


The user can pay for the Services of the Website by making the cash for the purchase of virtual game pieces – Points, Bonuses. The method of payment specified in paragraph 6 of this Agreement.


The user can participate in the "Affiliate program", terms of which are hosted by network address: In the case of correct execution of the terms of the Affiliate program, namely: attraction of new clients-Users, the administrator provides the User (free of charge) virtual units (Points, Bonuses, Skins) in the amount according to the conditions of the Affiliate program Website.


The user can get Skins within the STEAM community and game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Because User authentication on the Site is done solely through an account in the STEAM community, all available to the User account on STEAM Skins will be available for use on the Website to receive Website services.


On the Site may be capable of sharing the same virtual gaming units to other (Point to Skins, Skins to Point) in the "Store" on the Website. In the case of works such exchanges one type of virtual game pieces of the Site – this operation is final and the revocation/cancellation is not subject. All game actions performed on the Website with a virtual game units to the User are final and cannot be cancelled/revoked at the request of the User.


You may not obtain the virtual gaming units with the intentional or reckless use of malware/virus programs and/or using flaws/failures in the Site or disruptions STEAM.


Points, Bonuses available on the User's balance can be spent the last to participate (invest) in different types of games presented on the Website as entertainment and amusement Services of the Site, according to the rules specified in the section of F. A. Q. on the Website. Points, Bonuses can also be spent by the User in exchange for the Skins to "store things" on the Website according to the rules of the Site.


Skins available in the User's balance can be spent the last to participate (invest) in different types of games presented on the Website as entertainment and amusement Services of the Site, according to the rules specified in the section of F. A. Q. on the Website. Skins can also be spent by the User in exchange for the Points, Bonuses (or other Skins) on the Website according to the rules of the Site.


Rules of various amusement games are on the Website as a Service Site may differ substantially from each other. Game rules are posted in the section F. A. Q. and/or in the relevant section of the Website, participating in games, the User agrees to the rules specified on the Website.


To participate in any specific game on the Site, the User makes a Bet in which the User's account deducted the Points, Bonuses and/or Skins in size, due to the rules of the Site and the wishes of the User according to the size of the Bet.


As a result of participation of the User in the Site the balance of the virtual game items/attributes of the User may decrease (when making Bets) and increase (when reaching due to the rules of the game result on the Website).


The User's ability to participate in rounds of the game continues until a zero balance of virtual game pieces User on the Website. If a User paid (and/or otherwise acquired in accordance with clause 5.2. of this Agreement) virtual game items/attributes (Points, Bonuses, Skins) the User may not take part in any games presented on the Site.


The administrator may waive the holding of certain Rounds without prior notification. In this case, the Administrator restores the balance of the User on the Website virtual units spent by the User when making Bets on cancelled Round.


The users participating in Rounds, are not allowed to attempt collusion with each other with the purpose of influencing the result of the attraction (games) in the interests of one or more of these Users by manipulating the game by collusion on the number and size of the committed Rates. Identifying Administrator of such facts which would be grounds to deny access of User to the Service Site.


Users are STRICTLY PROHIBITED to use virtual credits to exchange them for skins without participating in Rounds(TRIPLE), Identifying the Administrator of such facts which would be grounds to deny access of User to the Service Site can also serve as a partial or full reset of game account.

6. Payment.


Prices for Points, Bonuses and Skins on the Website established by the Administrator and can be changed at the discretion of the Administrator. The prices are indicated on the relevant page of the Website.


The user may pay for the Website one of the payment methods stipulated on the Website. Payment is made by the User via the aggregator electronic payment system (electronic payment system), allowing real-time via the Internet to pay for goods and services, including the services of the Site.


Payment obligations are considered fulfilled in case of positive result of authorization to the electronic payment system used to pay for the Services of the Website. Proof of payment is the information of the electronic payment system about the completed payment.


When paying for the Services of the Website through the electronic payment system used for payment of the Services, the payment system may charge a Commission according to the rules of the payment system (electronic payment system). The administrator is not responsible for the collection of such commissions payment systems.


A refund for the paid (and consumed) the service is not provided.


The administrator does not control the hardware-software complex of the payment system and not liable for errors in this hardware and technical complex. If such errors occurred debiting funds the User, but the payment was not authorized by the electronic payment system, the obligation to refund to the User are on the provider/aggregator e-payment system (payment system).

7. The avoidance of doubt.


The user understands and agrees that the Site is not organized and not conducted gambling, lottery, or any other risk-based agreements of winning (the bet).


In the games that make up the Site Services, applies random generation (random number generator) in determining the outcome of the game as a simulator (e.g. a simulator of roulette), i.e., the program recreates for Users in a visually-attractive nature of the process of "drawing", but the result of this "drawing" on the Website does not and cannot have a User for any financial gain as it is definitely the case in games of chance, lotteries, or any other risk-based agreements of winning (the bet).


The consumption of Services Site – the game on the simulator and the User has no risk because the User in advance and irrevocably paid for the part in the game on the simulator (through the acquisition of Points, Bonuses), and no outcome of the simulation game can not return to the User his money (spent on payment of entertainment-entertainment services in the form of obtaining emotional satisfaction from participation on a simulated process of "drawing").


The user agrees that anywhere and any way neither the Site nor outside the Site will not attempt to make transactions, which may result in the exchange of User their virtual credits on the Website money and/or any property and contract law.

8. Intellectual property and limitations when using the site.


The site contains intellectual property owned by Administrator, its affiliates and others related parties, sponsors, partners, representatives, all other persons acting on behalf of the Administrator, or other third parties.


By using the Website, the User acknowledges and agrees that all Site content and content structure of the Website are protected by copyright, trademark and other rights to results of intellectual activity, and that these rights are valid and protected in all forms, on all media and in respect of all technologies currently available, and developed or created in the future. No rights for any content of the Website does not grant the User the use of the Website and this Agreement.


For the avoidance of doubt, in order to protect intellectual property rights and any other purpose associated with the use of the Website, the User is prohibited from:


copy and/or distribute any intellectual property posted on the Website, except where such function is expressly provided for (allowed) on the Website;


to use the information obtained through the Site for commercial activities, profit making or for use contrary to the law;


copy, or otherwise use the software part of the Website and its design;


to post on the Website personal data of third parties without their consent, including home addresses, telephone numbers, passport details, email address;


to change whatever way the software part of the Website, to take actions aimed at changing the functioning and efficiency of the Website;


to use abusive, misleading other Users of the Website, violate the rights and freedoms of third persons and groups of persons, words, including: name (nickname, alias);


use to obtain Services of the Website software, technical or hardware not provided by the Website.

9. Responsibility.


In case of violation of the terms of this Agreement, any other regulations and rules placed by the Administrator on the Website, the administrator has the right unilaterally and extrajudicially to block or delete the User's account, prohibit or restrict User's access to certain or all features of the Site. In this case, such lock or restriction may be made by the Administrator without prior notice to the User and take effect from the date of adoption of such decision by the Administrator, and the last relevant technical actions. In the case of blocking or restrictions the Administrator User access to the User's account on the Website and/or Services of the Site by reason of violation of the terms of this Agreement, any other regulations and rules placed by the Administrator on the Website (which qualifies as – perpetrators (both deliberate and careless) actions of the User of the Site) available on the User's balance on the Website Points, Bonuses and Skins (virtual units) shall be cancelled and shall not be compensated by the Administrator to the User in any form.


Administrator is not responsible for Website performance and does not guarantee its smooth operation. The administrator also does not guarantee the safety of the information posted on the Website and the possibility of uninterrupted access to the Services of the Website.


If failure of the hardware and software part of the Website a particular Round of the game (entertainment Services of the Site) was shut down incorrectly (not according to the rules listed on the Website), any of the Users participating in the respective Round, during the day has the right to file objections to the result of the Round with the reasons, using a special feedback form on the Website. After consideration of such objection the result of this Round may be cancelled and used the Bet is returned to participating Users. Otherwise, the Round will be considered valid.


The user uses the Website in the form in which it is presented on the Internet under the following address: The administrator does not guarantee the User achieve any results from use of the Site.


The administrator and the Website is not responsible for User violations of the p. p. 4.3., 4.4., 7.1. of this Agreement.


The administrator shall not be liable to User and is not obliged to provide the Website Services in case the User has purchased a virtual unit methods other than those specified in clause 5.2. of this Agreement.


The administrator shall not be liable to User in case of blocking (other adverse effects) account User's STEAM community in connection with the use of the Site Administrator. This risk (of account suspension in the STEAM community) the User accepts and waives any claims towards the Administrator in connection with the described in this paragraph the situation.


The administrator is not responsible for the discrepancy between subjective impression of the User from the site and the Services of the Website with the User's expectations. The administrator is not responsible for what action and experience have on the User Website design, fonts and style of the content on the Website.


The administrator does not guarantee and is not responsible in case if the regulatory Site is prohibited and/or restricted in the jurisdiction in which the User exists at the time of the visit and/or use of the Services of the Website.

10. Special conditions.


The website may contain links to other sites on the Internet (third party websites). These third parties and their content aren't checked by the Administrator for compliance with certain requirements (authenticity, completeness, legality, etc.). The administrator is not responsible for any content, materials posted on third party sites to which the User has access in connection with your use of the Website, including any opinions or statements expressed on third party websites, advertising, etc., and also for the availability of such websites or content and consequences of their use by the User.


The administrator does not guarantee that the Website will meet your requirements, that access to the Site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free.

Software and hardware errors, both on the Administrator side and the User side, which led to the impossibility of obtaining the User access to the Website and/or the personal User account on the Website, are force majeure and grounds of exemption from liability for non-performance by the Administrator under the Agreement.


The administrator may assign rights and transfer the debts for all obligations arising from the Agreement. The User hereby gives his consent to the assignment of rights and obligations to any third party. On the assignment of rights and/or obligations, the Administrator informs the User by placing appropriate information on the Website and such notification the Parties acknowledge is sufficient.


The administrator has the right to refuse anyone service without explanation.


In some cases, the use of the Website (including, but not limited to: in the event of a dispute between the Parties, in case of granting the User any exclusive options on the Website and in other cases, the list is not closed) by the Administrator may be prompted to the User to inform the Administrator of personal data of the User. In this case, by submitting your personal data, the User agrees (without committing on any additional formal procedures in addition to acceptance of this Agreement) that the Administrator may process the personal data provided by the User, i.e. take any action (operation) or set of actions (operations) committed with use of means of automation or without use of such means with personal data including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, the provision of access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data provided by the User.

11. The dispute resolution procedure.


All disputes, controversies or claims that may arise in connection with the execution, termination or invalidation of the Agreement, the Parties shall endeavor to resolve by negotiation. The party, in which any claims and/or disputes shall send the other Party a message indicating any claims and/or disputes.


If the response message is not received by the requesting Party within 30 (thirty) working days from the date of sending a message, or if the Parties cannot come to an agreement on the arisen claims and/or disputes during the same period, the dispute shall be settled in the courts at the location of the Administrator.

12. Final provisions.


In the event of a formal dispute and referring the case for consideration to the appropriate court, if the court of any provision of this Agreement is held invalid and/or unenforceable, this shall not entail invalidation of other provisions of the Agreement not affected by this interpretation of the court.


Inaction on the part of the Administrator in case of violation of any of the provisions of the User Agreement will not affect the Administrator's right to take later appropriate actions to protect its interests and the protection of intellectual property rights on protected materials and the interests of the Site.


The user confirms that he has read all the provisions of this Agreement, and understands and accepts them in full and without exceptions/reservations.

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